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iScrapRight is an extremely affordable, yet elegant and easy-to-use app/cloud based scrap and recycling software solution for scrap and CRV buyers to be able to perform ticketing transactions, assure 100% compliance on metal purchases, and run essential reporting such as Purchase Summary, Transaction Detail, and Cashier Reports. Through years of careful planning, detailed design, and coordinated development, we are proud to offer this beautifully simple game-changer to the scrap and recycling industry! Compatible with PC, Mac, iPad and most tablets!

-- Shon Duty, CEO

Key Features

We took the best parts of our award-winning flagship ScrapRight Recycling Software and made it accessible to every scrap buyer, regardless of size and budget! If you are looking to perform transactions, get compliant with state and local recycling laws, and run reports, this is the best solution for quickly and easily running your recycle center or scrap yard efficiently and affordably.

Fast Recycling Ticketing

Fast Ticketing

Buying scrap materials and paying your customers has never been easier

Scrap Compliance Baby!

Compliance Baby!

Our Compliance EngineTM keeps you in complete scrap compliance

Print Recycling Receipts

Print Receipts

Pair your iPad with a Bluetooth printer to print customer receipts

Online Interface

PC, Mac & iPad Compatible

iScrapRight can be used with most tablets and PC's

Scrap Yard Software Control Panel

Control Panel

Use your back office login to manage all aspects of your buying

Add Recycling Customers


Scan Driver’s Licenses with ease. Auto populates customer fields

Customize Your Plan

Customize your plan and choose the options that best fit your business! Pricing is based on whether or not you are taking images, your monthly ticket volume, the number of users on your account, and feature options such as Driver's License scanning, Scale Integration and more. Build your plan below to see what your monthly subscription cost will be.

1. Select a Base Plan

iScrapRight Gold Plan
Recommended for all scrap yards, especially ones that need to be in compliance with state metal laws.
With Images
Most Popular!
500 Tickets/mo included (approx. 20/day)
1 User Login Included
Includes images of materials, customers, signatures or thumbprints
Compliance Engine and Uploads Included
VIN scanning & title for buying scrap vehicles
iScrapRight Silver Plan
Recommended for CRV-only buyers and buyers not needing state compliance or saving of images.
With Images
500 Tickets/mo included (approx. 20/day)
1 User Login Included
No images of materials, customers, signatures or thumbprints
Compliance Engine and Uploads NOT Included
No VIN scanning & title for buying scrap vehicles

2. Choose Your Add-Ons

$15/month per user
Add additional logins for your weightmasters, cashiers or admin users to use the software.
This option allows you to connect external IoT hardware such as: IP Cameras, Drivers License Scanners, Fingerprint Readers, Signature Pads, Printers and Scales to your iScrapRight system. *Approved hardware only. Check with your sales rep for compatible devices.
Import over 6000 Searchable Catalytic Converter Serial Numbers. Though the pricing is not continually updated, it will help distinguish between low-value and high-value CATs.
Scan Driver's Licenses/ID's in seconds. Allows you to auto-populate customer records accurately and saves you time.
Automatically read weights from your existing scale heads. (Requires Bluetooth Scale adapter)
Integrate a Bluetooth Fingerprint device to your iPad, and/or integrate a USB fingerprint scanner to your PC

3. Select Your Hardware

$589 ea
Refurbished WiFi only 9.7" iPad with rugged protective case included. Operates in online and offline modes.
$489 ea
Refurbished WiFi only iPad MINI with rugged protective case included. Operates in online and offline modes.
$599 ea
Works with your iPad via Bluetooth connection or with a desktop PC at a cashier or weighmaster station. Includes a case of paper.
$599 ea
Battery operated mobile belt printer. Works with your iPad via Bluetooth connection. Includes a case of paper.
$195 ea
Wireless Bluetooth device connects to your iPad only. Customer's fingerprints are scanned into the iPad app.
$295 ea
You'll need this to read the weights from your scale head into your iScrapRight iPad app!

4. Review Your Plan

Ongoing Monthly Payment
Based on your selections
Initial Payment Due Upon Sign-Up
Includes Account Startup Fee, Your 1st Month's Subscription & Hardware
1st Month's Subscription
(Based on your customized plan)

Why iScrapRight?

Getting started with iScrapRight is quick and easy. You can be running your scrap yard on your computer or iPad within minutes :)

  • Affordable and transparent pricing plans starting at only $49 per month!
  • Start using it immediately! iScrapRight’s beautiful design is easy to use and intuitive . You can be running tickets in minutes :)
  • Convenience. Compliance is attainable all from within your iPad with no additional hardware necessary.
  • Mobility! Work from anywhere. Buy on the go. There’s even an offline ticketing mode!
  • No long term contracts. Transparent and fair monthly plans available.
Traditional Scrap Software
  • High upfront software and hardware costs. Often in the 10’s of thousands of dollars!
  • Installation and training can be a long, expensive process. Often several weeks of lead time. Outdated UI’s and difficult learning curves await.
  • Lots of hardware and peripherals required to achieve compliance. (expensive!)
  • Anchored at the yard. Gotta be on site to run your software.
  • Expensive mandatory annual update, support and licensing fees..


We’ve done our due diligence in vetting out the perfect hardware pairings to our software and iPad app. All of these optional pieces of hardware will make your scrap buying experience even faster, smoother and easier.

iPad Cashier Station

Mobile Scrap Buyer Bundle - $1348

Recommended for buyers who take their show on the road and for the multi-taskers that roam within your yard. Perfect for buying scrap, vehicles and CAT’s. Includes an iPad mini w/rugged case, a mobile Bluetooth printer and a case of paper.

Buy Now
High Speed 3” Desktop Printer

Weigh Station Bundle - $1789

Everything you need to get started at your floorscale scrap buying station! Includes a 9.7” iPad with stand, a desktop receipt printer, case of paper, and a POE IP camera bundle.

Buy Now
3” Portable Bluetooth Printer

Cashier Station Bundle

Includes a 23.8” Touchscreen Monitor and PC, a Fingerprint capture device, Speedsnap Driver’s License Scanner, Customer-Facing Webcam, 3” Desktop Receipt Printer and a case of paper.

Currently Unavailable